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    Asbestos Removal


    Asbestos is a collection of 6 minerals which occur naturally in the environment. Known for its strength, heat-resistance and affordability, asbestos become widely used in the world in the 1900s for a variety of applications including industrial, commercial and residential products. Asbestos was extensively used in construction materials from the early 20th century until the late 1970s. It was prevalent in a wide range of products, from insulation to roofing materials.

    In the late 1900s, research was shown that exposure to asbestos fibres can cause serious illness and disease including but not limited to asbestos-related lung cancer, mesotheliomas and other deadly effects. In Canada, manufacturers were allowed to sell their remaining stock of friable asbestos-containing materials up until the late 1980s. In 2018, asbestos (with some industry exceptions) was banned from Canada.

    Asbestos Removal Services


    Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is often used in insulation materials due to its fire-resistant properties. It expands when heated, making it an effective insulator.

    Vermiculite Containing Asbestos

    Some vermiculite insulation products may contain asbestos, a mineral fiber known to cause lung cancer and other health issues when inhaled. Asbestos can be hazardous if disturbed during renovations or removal.

    Properties of Vermiculite

    Common Uses of Vermiculite


    Vermiculite is often used as an insulation material in buildings and homes. Its low density and high insulation value make it an effective choice for conserving energy.

    Construction Materials

    It is incorporated into various construction materials like plasters, boards, and concrete for fireproofing and insulation.


    During renovation or demolition projects, the potential presence of asbestos becomes a critical concern. Here's why it's imperative to address asbestos before any significant work begins


    Common Asbestos-Containing Materials



    Asbestos Removal


    Our experts conduct a thorough inspection to identify asbestos-containing materials in your residence. Samples are carefully collected and sent to accredited laboratories for analysis. Finally, we determine whether they pose a risk for fiber release during renovation or demolition activities.
    Asbestos Removal

    Containment & Removal

    Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to safely remove and dispose of asbestos-containing materials. At Healthy Environmental, we adhere strictly to Ontario Regulation 278/05, which governs the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials. This regulation outlines specific protocols for various types of asbestos abatement including type one, type two and type three.
    Asbestos Removal

    Final Inspection

    Following the removal of non-friable and friable asbestos-containing materials, Healthy Environmental conducts a meticulous final inspection. Our trained professionals visually examine the work area to ensure all identified asbestos materials have been successfully removed. This comprehensive inspection is a critical step in confirming the safety and integrity of your environment.
    Asbestos RemovalAsbestos Removal

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    Expertise and Experience

    With over 18 years of industry experience, our team is equipped to handle projects of any scale or complexity. From small-scale removal to large-scale overhauls, we bring precision and professionalism to every job.

    Safety First

    Safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest industry standards and implement strict safety protocols to safeguard both our team members and your property throughout the vermiculite insulation removal process.

    Advanced Technology

    We invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure our services are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. Our removal methods minimize environmental impact and ensure a cleaner, healthier space.

    Timely Completion

    We understand the importance of timelines in removal projects. Our team is committed to completing projects on schedule, without compromising on quality or safety.

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    By choosing Healthy Environmental for your renovation or demolition project, you're making a proactive and responsible choice to protect the health and safety of all involved.